Mix Media World or Mixed Media  is the international branch of JBSynchrovision based in Manila, Philippines. We provide corporate video, multimedia presentation, graphic deisgn   and web production services.   Leader of mixed media formats.

Our mission is to help you to communicate more effectively, more impressively.

We produce much more than just a corporate DVD, graphic sales presentation, training video or a few high quality web pages for your company.  We organize your information, supplying the marketing tools and business intelligence you need to make your next production an outright winner.

Working together, we help you discover powerful new ways to communicate to your market, making them more aware of you, influencing them, and motivating them to change.

Website Video - The most effective way to sell your business or product.

Marketing Video - This serves as  your product back bone in persuading your target market to purchase your product.

Training Video - Comprehensive range of custom training video production services

Public Information Video for Local Authorities, Government and Large Corporates

Testimonial Video - delivers quicker decisions based on greater buyer confidence and experience

Wedding Videos -   Visit our website  www.ilovethatwedding.com

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