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Kasama ninyo lagi, ano mang Okasyon...       Kasama ninyo lagi, ano mang Okasyon...
Wedding Reception at Richmond, BC, 2010
Samantha's 18th Birthday, Vancoucer 2009
     Our vision is to produce an eye-catching, cinematic movie-like products that will last for generations to come.  Our goal for each project is to create a customized cinematic masterpiece that will visually and emotionally take our clients back to their special day time and time again.  When you choose to have a professional videographer at your event,  you’re choosing to never forget the special moments of one of the most important days of your life. 

     In experienced hands a professional video camera will capture every detail of the sights and sound of your occassion in crystal clarity.  These brief moments in time will be saved for you and your love ones to share for generations to come.

     With Videoman, wherever your occasion is, how happy or emotional your event is, Videoman will always be here to service you.
Three camera setup, steadicam and crane video production, 2011