Pre Wedding Interviews
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Audio Visual Presentations is one powerful idea on weddings that gives you the chance, to share your love story, to the people whom you call family, and friends. 

Just before the wedding, we ask each bride and groom to answer several questions. Supported by a musical background and adding some effects, we can create your story, a story that everybody will surely remember.

Some of the questions we might ask are listed bellow.

Sample Pre-Wedding Interview Questions:

1)    How did you meet?
Tell us the story of how you met. What was your first impression of him / her?

2)     What did your friends/ family think of him/her?
So your Dad still doesn't approve of him? Tell us all about it!

3)    When did you know you were in love?
Tell us about the moment you realized you were in love.

4)    How did he propose?
Tell the story of how he proposed. Or did she propose? It happens.

5)    How do you feel right now moments before your wedding? Nervous? Anxious?

6)    What would you like to say to your Bride/Groom on your wedding day? Provided directly to the camera a personal message to your bride/groom.
A Korean Wedding,  April 2008
Interview with the Bride
Punjabi couple at the park interview
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